SpliceCom is the only British company to design, develop and manufacture Business Telephony/Unified Communication systems, delivering tangible business benefits for all types of company, irrespective of their size. SpliceCom’s award-winning product portfolio comprises of:

  • maximiser Telephony Platforms
  • PCS Business Phones
  • Vision Business Management Application Suite
  • Vision Call Center
  • Mobile Apps

SpliceCom Family of Products

Maximiser also powers SpliceCom’s Spectrum Managed Solution architecture, providing a consistent and feature-rich voice delivery for:

  • Small and Medium Sized Businesses (Single-Site)
  • Small and Medium Sized Businesses (Multi-Site)
  • Large Enterprise

Vision Business Management Application Suite

​Businesses today have to be able to see into the future as well as look at and learn from the past. Vision allows business people to view the information that enables them to improve the way their company operates and the manner in which they serve their customers. Vision gives businesses a dashboard by which they can ramp up the levels of their responsiveness, critical in today’s ultra competitive market place. SpliceCom Vision is a suite of software applications that have been singularly designed to operate with the award winning maximiser Pure IP Business Telephone System. Vision’s design means that in conjunction with maximiser, it operates as ONE entity, providing detailed and intimate information upon which sound business decisions can be based.

As maximiser runs as a single system, no matter how many sites it is distributed across or how many home based, remote or mobile employees are connected, Vision is able to collect information on every Department and every individual – wherever they might be. Likewise real- time information can be delivered to department heads and managers totally independent of their location; via their Smart Phones, Tablets and PC web browsers. And as for your workforce, Vision works hard for them too, by offering far greater managed flexibility over the way they choose to handle their telephone calls when they’re out of the office.


  • Vision Reports
  • Vision Record
  • Vision Live
  • Vision Mobility
  • ​ Vision Call Centre
  • Call Centre Management
  • Call Centre Supervisor Console
  • Call Centre Agent Desktop
  • Vision Live for Call Centres
  • Call Centre Reports

Maximiser Telephony Platforms

A pure IP business telephone system, designed and developed in the 21st Century for organizations requiring between 4 and 100,000 IP, analogue or GSM/3G/UMTS extensions.
Completely scalable in design and distributed in architecture, all maximiser systems are available as either traditional modular hardware based systems, or as software applications running under Linux or Apple Mac OS X on standard industry server platforms, or as a virtual Call Server(s) in virtualized IT environments. Embracing open industry standards wherever they exist, all maximiser solutions operate as a single system, no matter how many separate sites, homeworking, remote or mobile employees are encompassed. maximiser is configured and managed as a single system, from anywhere you can gain direct or web access to it, via a standard browser. Supporting rich functionality including a one number, “go any place, reach me any how” Extension Anywhere facility, multi-site hotdesking, voicemail, auto-attendant, unified messaging and call recording as standard, maximiser is just as much at home, and more importantly proves cost-effective, for simple 4 extension “dial-tone” PBX requirements as it does in fully converged, multi-site installations.

SpliceCom’s goal is to make maximiser’s advanced business benefits affordable for every organization, in a consistent and identical manner, totally independent of:

  • Deployment – Traditional hardware, industry server based or virtualized
  • LAN infrastructure
  • Telephone and/or device type
  • Computer platforms and operating systems deployed
  • Network service delivery
  • Company size
  • Industry type
  • Number of locations

Companies currently enjoying the business advantages provided by SpliceCom’s unique approach to “Pure IP” business telephony include:

  • Small and Medium Sized Businesses
  • Multi-Site Companies
  • Campus Based Organizations
  • Businesses with Mobile, Remote and/or Homeworking employees
  • Serviced Offices & Multi-Tenancies
  • Companies with modern communication needs

maximiser Telephony Platforms

The innovative architecture utilized by the maximiser business telephone system from SpliceCom, rips-up the conventional rulebook, delivering un- paralleled Total Cost of Ownership and Management – whatever the size of your business.

the maximiser is available as

  • maximiser 5x Series appliances
  • maximiser Soft PBX (Runs on Linux and MAC OSX)
  • Maximiser XS 

System Components
From a simple, small, stand alone telephone system, maximiser scales seamlessly to provide a fully networked, unified communications system, allowing voice, video, IP TV and web-enabled IT resources to share the same underlying network and information. There are no geographic boundaries, the same facilities are available to office based, home working, remote and mobile employees. For the first time, the ability to deploy technology for real business benefit is available to every company – irrespective of size.
​The Call Server forms the core of every maximiser system and for many requirements it will be the only component that’s required to deliver a modern, sophisticated business telephone system. There is a wide-range of Call Servers, allowing you to choose between traditional hardware based systems, or software applications running under Linux (or Apple Mac OS X) on standard industry server platforms, or as a virtual Call Server in virtualized environments. Constructed around an open system architecture each Call Server supports a different number of users, but delivers a common feature set including:

  • Support for IP (SIP & H.323), analogue & GSM/3G extensions
  • Extension Anywhere for mobile, home and remote working
  • LDAP system directory with external read and write access
  • A flexible Voice Processing system offering;◦ Voicemail
  • Unified Messaging
  • Auto Attendant
  • IVR
  • Call Recording
  • Meet Me Conferencing
  • In-queue Announcements
  • SIP Proxy Server & H.323 Gateway/ Gatekeeper for IP Trunk connectivity
  • ISDN Trunk Gateway (5108 and 5100 variants)
  • Built-in Apache Web Server for browser based management and configuration interface

PCS Business Phones

From affordable entry-level phones, through IP terminals that unify advanced telephony and IT applications at the desktop, to native IP Phone appliactions that run on Smart Phones, Tablets, PCs and Macs; in SpliceCom’s comprehensive PCS telephony family you’ll find the product that’s the ideal match for your specific business requirement – whatever it may be.

Designed to complement other market leading and stylish IT equipment on your desktop, SpliceCom’s PCS 5xx IP Phones combine looks, intelligence and desirability in equal measure. The world’s slimmest desktop IP phones provide easy access to the benefits delivered by maximiser, SpliceCom’s range of innovative and award-winning Unified Communications platforms.
Ultra sleek in styling, SpliceCom’s PCS 552, PCS 56x, PCS 57xG & PCS 58xG IP Phones have been designed to look great from any angle – including the back. Utilising a totally sealed enclosure with not a screw in sight, SpliceCom have focused on delivering the same ease-of-use associated with mobile phones to business telephony users. All PCS 5xx IP phones have large graphical displays, intuitive multi-functional context sensitive keys, and bold instantly recognisable icons combining to deliver the ultimate telephony user experience.
SpliceCom’s PCS 5×1 phones are finished in silver, whilst the PCS 5x2s come in black.​

iPCS IP Phone App for Smart Phones & Tablets

SpliceCom’s iPCS application takes Office Mobility to its logical conclusion, enabling Apple and Android Smart Phones and Tablets to be utilised as highly featured maximiser business phones – replacing the need for DECT or SIP/WiFi wireless phones.

Providing a fully integrated IP Phone solution for the entire workforce, iPCS works in the same way as SpliceCom’s PCS system phones, empowering employees with access to key business features wherever they might be- at their desk or away from it. Downloadable from the Apple App Store as a native iOS application, running on iOS 5 and above, or as an Android app for version 2.3.5 (Gingerbread) or above, iPCS utilises WiFi or 3G connectivity to provide direct integration with SpliceCom’s maximiser Unified Communication/IP PBX/Business Telephony systems.

Offering full hold/transfer/conference/call park facilities, iPCS also provides access to;

  • SpliceCom’s unique multi-functional, Favourites application
  • maximiser’s Centralised System Directory for fast and accurate dialing of customers, suppliers, work colleagues and internal Departments
  • Selectable All/Missed Call History, for both calls made to your extension and any Department(s) you might be handling calls for – including integrated voicemail playback
  • Full control of personal mobility options; diversion for DDI and Groupcalls, the device calls will be diverted to, Do Not Disturb and Out Of Office message.