SECNOLOGY mission is to provide end-users, managers, and experts with the easiest and most powerful solution to manage globally and automatically all data events from their information system.

They should be able to do it the way they need, any time they need, without compromising the raw data integrity.

In today’s environment, data can be generated by any device. When data is available and reachable, it is richness but it is not always the case! Very often, the data has to be collected, processed, decrypted via multiple and different heterogeneous means. Each of these means requires specific skills and lot of time. Each event source device got its own monitoring tool, its own way of data processing, and its own management needs and restrictions.

For events, traces, or logs, the situation is even much more complex. Each of these devices generates its own events and logs with its own specific format. Each data part has its own specific meaning.

It can be even worse when the same device with the same configuration may generate different log formats with the respect to the way it is configured by the administrator. From user’s perspective, the needs are quite clear and the user queries addressed to these devices are simple and accurate. Despite that, it remains very hard to get a clear single and global view of all the data. This is the main objective of SECNOLOGY.